Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Proof They Knew They Were Lying When They Lied

WP: How phony letter drove Iraq war - washingtonpost.com Highlights - MSNBC.com:
Like most Europeans, Elisabetta Burba, an investigative reporter for the Italian newsweekly Panorama, waited until the next day to read the newspaper accounts of Bush's remarks. But when she came to the 16 words, she recalled, she got a sudden sinking feeling in her stomach. She wondered: How could the American president have mentioned a uranium sale from Africa?

Burba felt uneasy because more than three months earlier, she had turned over to the U.S. Embassy in Rome documents about an alleged uranium sale by the central African nation of Niger. And she knew now that the documents were fraudulent and the 16 words wrong.
Impeach the bastards, now! What are we waiting for?

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