Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Obama, Edwards Well In The Running

Obama Built Donor Network From Roots Up - New York Times

Edwards came in third, apparently, with $14M, Obama got $20M, and Clinton $26M. These are round numbers, each setting records of one kind or another for the candidates, and each showing that these three have a lot of support. Out of these, I have the biggest problem with Clinton, who has a closer affiliation with the big-money, big-business lobbies than the other two, who are more populist/grassroots supported. I'd love to see Obama and Edwards running in '08, with either one as prez and veep. If I have to, I'll vote for Clinton. It would be easier if one of the other two was her running mate.

Of course, there's no way I'd vote Republican after the last six years. No, make that after the last 40 years.

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