Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Canada PM Won't Kowtow To Washington

My Way News:
RICHMOND, British Columbia (Reuters) - Prime Minister Paul Martin escalated a war of words with the United States on Wednesday, telling Washington not to dictate to him what topics he can raise in the run-up to Canada's January 23 election.

U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins warned Martin and other Canadian politicians on Tuesday not to bash the United States as part of their campaigning.

But Martin -- who has regularly attacked the U.S. stance on a bilateral trade dispute over softwood lumber and also criticized Washington's approach to climate change -- said he was not paying attention.

'When it comes to defending Canadian values, when it comes to standing up for Canadian interests, I'm going to call it like I see it,' he told reporters in a lumber yard in Richmond, British Columbia.

'I am not going to be dictated to as to the subjects I should raise.'
Way to go, eh?! And what was the ambassador thinking when he tried to influence the debate in a foreign national election? How does that help our image or promote the ideals of democratic freedom? Putz!

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