Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Political Wire: Bush Approval Fades Again

Political Wire: Bush Approval Fades Again:
As soon as it seemed there is an upward trend in President Bush's approval rating -- see our earlier post -- the new Zogby poll finds it languishing under 40%, 'despite an upturn in the economy and a public relations onslaught defending the role of the U.S. military in rebuilding Iraq.'

'Just 38% of Americans said they approve of the job the President is doing, down from 41% in a national Zogby America survey conducted last month.'

'Bush is most popular in the western United States, where 46% approve of the job he is doing, and the South, where 44% approve. Just 28% in the East and 37% in the Midwest and Great Lakes states give him good marks.'
Can Americans be learning from experience? Are they paying attention to what's been happening here and abroad? Is hell really freezing over?

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