Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Direction We’re Heading

Democrats & Liberals:: The Direction We’re Heading:
"The Seattle Times reported on its examination of more than 10,000. Cases decided by the King County (Wash.) Superior Court since 1990. It found 420 civil suits that had been sealed entirely — and that in 97% of those cases the judges had disregarded rules about when cases should and should not be sealed. Some of these court records, the newspaper reported, 'hold secrets of potential dangers in our medicine cabinets and refrigerators; of molesters in our day-care centers, schools and churches' and of other public threats.
Judges were more motivated by 'go along, get along, clear the docket' than by the public's right to know, says Seattle Times investigations editor James Neff.
See Government Report Card at:"

This one speaks for itself. Oh, and that direction is down, as in the tubes.

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