Friday, March 17, 2006

"Realists" vs. "Neocons"

Democracy Push by Bush Attracts Doubters in Party - New York Times:
'You are hearing more and more questions about the administration's approach on this issue,' said Lorne W. Craner, president of the International Republican Institute, a foundation linked to the Republican Party that supports democratic activities abroad. 'The 'realists' in the party are rearing their heads and asking, 'Is this stuff working?' '

The critics, who include Senators Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Richard G. Lugar of Indiana and Representative Henry J. Hyde of Illinois, as well as Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft, are alarmed at the costs of military operations and of nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They have also been shaken by the victory of Hamas in Palestinian elections in January and by the gains Islamists scored in elections in Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon.
I could have said something else, but we'll leave it at that for the title. Funny how some Republicans are more "realistic" than others, but to ask, "Is this working?"! That's gotta' be considered, uh, liberal these days, doesn't it?

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Charlie said...

Realist refers to a school of thought in terms of international relations that is much older than the neocon school.

It is true, however, that those Republicans who have criticized the Bush administration on the war in Iraq have been very much looked down upon by most other Republicans, not because they are wrong, but because the criticized the President.


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