Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ex-Bush Aide Faces Felony Charges - CBS News

Ex-Bush Aide Faces Felony Charges - CBS News:
White House officials say they didn't know the truth about the allegations until last week, after Allen, 45, had resigned from his $161,000-a-year job as Mr. Bush's domestic policy adviser. The felony charges have shocked those who knew Allen and considered him completely devoted to God, family and country.


Allen is the great-grandson of slaves who was raised a Democrat in a poor Washington neighborhood. In college, he says he became a born-again Christian and a Republican. He rode those ideologies up through positions in state and federal government, all the way to the White House, where last year he became the highest-ranking black to serve in the West Wing.

Allen was a conservative who supported a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and supported the right of Christian military chaplains to mention Jesus in prayers at the publicly funded institutions. He drew the ire of liberals but impressed those he worked with for being a humble team player who was helpful to staff on all levels. Some of his co-workers, sorry to see him leave, cried at his going away party, held last month in the West Wing.
Shocking, simply shocking that a born-again Republican Conservative could be a criminal! Why, it's almost unthinkable! No, wait, it's not. Not at all.

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