Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sure Sounds Like Guilt To Me

My Way Finance:
At the same time Watkins was trying to save the now-bankrupt company where she was vice president of corporate development, Lay was selling off millions of dollars of Enron stock to pay off loans, prosecutors said.

Watkins, testifying in the fraud and conspiracy trial of Lay and fellow former Enron boss Jeffrey Skilling, said Lay appeared to take her seriously when she discussed with him off-the-books partnerships run by chief financial officer Andrew Fastow that were running up huge losses for Enron.


In an August 22, 2001 meeting with Lay, he promised an investigation, Watkins said, but the probe that followed was conducted by the lawyers and accountants who originally approved the questionable deals and, not surprisingly, found them to be okay again, she said.
So what's the big deal? Grab all you can, screw everything up, and then cut and run; standard operating procedure for some other people we know.

Now we know where BushCo learned it's management style. Is it just me, or are a lot of Bush's friends and associates turning out to be real crooks and liars? You'd think the guy would have known about some of these, huh? Hmmmm.

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