Tuesday, May 23, 2006

FCC Chickens Out, Refuses To Perform Its Duty

FCC Won't Investigate NSA/Telco Links:
"WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The Federal Communications Commission does not plan to investigate purported links between an American spy agency and several of the country's largest phone companies."

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Lizzy said...

truly sad!

The FCC is more fearful of their budget being cut than they are of pursueing the truth.

One question though: If all the CIA/NSA/others are doing is collating the data looking for trends, does it matter if they know I call my mother infrequently, that I call my father more, and that my brother and I aren't speaking (much)? They do not know what we are saying...

The flip side of course is that these agencies should have court orders saying explicitly that they can collect this data, which I think is the more important point to be made here. It isn't that the data is more or less harmless for you and I, but that it is illegally gotten, and provides a slippery slope argument for further invasions of personal provacy.


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