Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hold the Applause in Iraq - New York Times

Hold the Applause in Iraq - New York Times:
There's just one major problem with the national unity cabinet presented over the weekend by Iraq's new prime minister. On the most important national issue — reforming Iraq's corrupt, brutal and highly partisan security forces — no unity has yet been achieved.

To some Iraqi politicians, it appears, the prospect of civil war seems less terrifying than the prospect of compromise over who will control the vital security ministries: defense, interior and national security. Among them, these ministries control the Army, the police and the prisons.


Early American efforts to train a professional police force were understaffed and underfinanced by the Pentagon. Even as Iraq dissolved into chaos and insurgency, Washington continued to shortchange these efforts.
Of course, Haliburton and pals aren't getting short changed this way. That, apparently, is the American way. Disgusting, and very, very dangerous.

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