Friday, May 26, 2006

The Persian Complex - New York Times

The Persian Complex - New York Times:
"If the United States resorts to sanctions, or worse, to some military response, the outcome would be not only disastrous but, in the long run, transient. Just as the West did with Iran's railroad and oil industry, it can for a time deny Iran nuclear technology, but it cannot wipe out Iranians' haunting memories. And no doubt the Islamic regime will amply exploit these collective memories to advance its nuclear program even as it stifles voices of domestic dissent. Even more than before, Iranians will blame outside powers for their misfortunes and choose not to focus on their own troubled road to modernity."

I have to agree with this opinion. Whether anyone here wants to admit it or not, we (the U.S.) did things in the past that led us to the situation of the world today. Lately, we've been doing some really terrible things again, all in the name of "spreading democracy" when what we're really spreading is capitalist greed.

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