Monday, July 03, 2006

And If That Wasn't Enough...

Avian Flu Tends to Kill Youths as in 1918 Wave, Study Finds - New York Times:
Fatalities from the virus have almost tripled this year compared with last year. Indonesia, with 39 deaths, is close to surpassing Vietnam as the hardest-hit country with 42. Vietnam has not had a human death or poultry outbreak this year.

The typical avian flu victim is sick enough to be hospitalized four days after falling ill, and dies five days later, the report said. People over 50 have the lowest death rate, but it is still 18 percent, which is a huge impact compared with seasonal flu.

'The more we see what H5N1 is doing, the less we know about what's really happening with it,' Dr. Osterholm said.
The world is becoming more inhospitable with every passing second. We really don't need this administration to make things any worse, but that's what it's doing politically, environmentally, socially. The only people who should be happy with BushCo are the CEO's of large companies, and even many of them are worried.

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