Thursday, July 06, 2006

N.Y. Court Displays Homophobia

N.Y. Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban - New York Times:
The majority decision, written by Judge Robert S. Smith, who was appointed by Gov. George Pataki, found that limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples could be based on rational social goals, primarily the protection and welfare of children.
'Plaintiffs have not persuaded us that this long-accepted restriction is a wholly irrational one, based solely on ignorance and prejudice against homosexuals,' Judge Smith wrote in his 22-page opinion. For example, he wrote, it could be argued that children benefit from being raised by two natural parents, a mother and a father, rather than by gay or lesbian couples.
Chief Judge Judith Kaye wrote a dissenting opinion and was joined by Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick, both appointed by Gov. Mario Cuomo, a Democrat. Judge Kaye warned that future generations would look back at yesterday's decision as 'an unfortunate misstep,' and would consider the barring of gay marriage as an injustice akin to the laws that once barred interracial marriage, an analogy the majority on the court rejected.
What can I say? This sucks! The appellate court majority is living in the past. It's been shown that recognizing same-sex marriage not only gives all citizens equal rights (remember those?), but also helps the children of same-sex parents. If this decision was made for the sake of the children, it was horribly miss-directed. Shame on them all!

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