Friday, August 04, 2006

Jane And FDL Make The Big Show!

In Race, Bloggers Throw Curves and Spitballs - New York Times:
An online blog called Firedoglake revealed that Mr. Lieberman owned shares in mutual funds that held Halliburton stock. Other blogs latched onto the July 20 item, Lamont aides alerted reporters and soon it had found its way into local newspapers, tempering Mr. Lieberman’s attack.

This was one example of how the Lamont campaign tried to harness the energy, anger and muckraking zeal of an expanding network of blogs in its effort to unseat Mr. Lieberman, the three-term senator. Dozens of liberal and antiwar bloggers, some of them from across the country but many others in Connecticut, have rallied to Mr. Lamont’s cause. In their blogs — a frequent publication of personal thoughts and Web links, often done chronologically — they file daily posts attacking, investigating or just tweaking Mr. Lieberman while spreading a pro-Lamont message.
Way to go, Jane! You rule! Keep it up! P.S.: They still don't get it, but at least they're taking notice. P.P.S.: Nice pic in the article!

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