Thursday, May 31, 2007

Go, John!

My Way News - Edwards Wants Probe of High Gas Prices:
"SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards says a wave of mergers in the oil industry should be investigated by the Justice Department to see what impact they have had on soaring gasoline prices."I hope Edwards is a man of his word. I like most of his ideas about the economy, the middle-class and poor, the health system, and ending the occupation of Iraq. I just wish I could bring myself to trust anybody in politics these days to do the right things once they get into office. Still, I think he'd be way better than any Republican candidate, and most of the Democratic ones as well. He and Obama are my choice of best ticket, and I'm from New York State (hear me, Hillary? Cut your ties with Big Business and maybe we can reconcile)!

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