Friday, June 01, 2007

Empty Wheel Pays Appropriate Homage To Saint Libby

The Next Hurrah: I Present to You: Saint Libby:
Do you suppose anyone has told Saint Reagan he has been usurped?

The portrayal of Libby's work on the highly partisan Cox Committee--effectively a post-Iran-Contra attempt to blame Democrats for giving the Chinese nukes when in fact the Iran-Contra conspiracists seem to have, is equally, um, creative. And if you're wondering, Chris Cox does appear to be one of Libby's 160 admirers, celebrating him all the time as a paragon of bipartisan spirit.

Then there is the extended effort to paint Libby as open-minded, willing to listen to ideas contrary to his own. Like those of Joe Wilson, apparently. Or those of the large number of sane people who knew that the Iraq War was a disaster waiting to happen. It sure looks like he listened to them.
Libby should go to jail for blocking Fitzgerald from getting to the other criminals in the White House. In fact, he should be held until he reveals the verifiable truth about what happened in the White House and who is truly responsible for the Plame leak; i.e., until he turns state's evidence on Cheney and Rove.

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