Sunday, May 27, 2007

Troops Want To Come Home, Know It's Over

Doubts Grow as G.I.’s in Iraq Find Allies in Enemy Ranks - New York Times:
With few reliable surveys of soldiers’ attitudes, it is impossible to simply extrapolate from the small number of soldiers in Delta Company. But in interviews with more than a dozen soldiers over a one-week period with this 83-man unit, most said they were disillusioned by repeated deployments, by what they saw as the abysmal performance of Iraqi security forces and by a conflict that they considered a civil war, one they had no ability to stop.

They had seen shadowy militia commanders installed as Iraqi Army officers, they said, had come under increasing attack from roadside bombs — planted within sight of Iraqi Army checkpoints — and had fought against Iraqi soldiers whom they thought were their allies.

“In 2003, 2004, 100 percent of the soldiers wanted to be here, to fight this war,” said Sgt. First Class David Moore, a self-described “conservative Texas Republican” and platoon sergeant who strongly advocates an American withdrawal. “Now, 95 percent of my platoon agrees with me.”
The Repuglicans keep saying the troops want victory, that they don't want to leave before the job is over. Well, it IS over, and most of the troops know it and want to come home.

We had no business going there. We have no business being there. The only, repeat ONLY, people who want the war in Iraq to continue are the defense contractors, weapons makers, and oil sellers.

Supporting our troops means protecting them from the profiteers and bringing them home, taking care of them and rewarding them for their service. The Bush administration's idea of "support" is to wrongfully send them into harm's way, keep them there long past any useful purpose, and then abandon them once they return home and leave service.

Arrest everybody in the White House and Pentagon that helped make this happen and put them on trial for war crimes and crimes against the U.S. military and the American people. Do this now, and save some lives.

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