Friday, June 08, 2007

Another Bush Crony Won't Give Up His Post

Complaints Heard About NASA Inspector General -
The report of the Integrity Committee, made up of three inspectors general, a top FBI official and other senior ethics officers, said that Cobb had abused his authority by mistreating his staff. It also found that he had created the appearance of a lack of independence by lunching, drinking and golfing with top NASA officials. The committee, which was established by the executive branch, did not find substance to charges that Cobb had improperly overlooked safety complaints by whistle-blowers.

Cobb said the Integrity Committee's 'criticisms are not based on facts or law and are wrong.'

Inspectors general are appointed to serve as watchdogs for major federal agencies.
So, what is it with these people? It comes out that they acted without integrity, unethically, or outright broke the law, and all they have to do is refuse to leave? Where are the "teeth" in the checks and balances system? Is Justice so corrupted, and ethics so foreign to this government, that no crime goes punished? Are there any laws still in effect at the White House, its branch of government, or at Justice? What's happened to this country?!

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