Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fly CIA And Hope For A Round Trip

Reports of Secret U.S. Prisons in Europe Draw Ire and Otherwise Red Faces - New York Times:
'If we are allowing facilities for aircraft carrying out these actions,' he added, 'we are at the very least facilitating, and we may even be complicit in it.'

A report on Nov. 2 in The Washington Post about a covert prison system did not identify the European countries, but Human Rights Watch has said such facilities were in Poland and Romania.

Poland and Romania have strongly denied the accusations, and American officials have declined comment.

On the issue of extraordinary renditions, more than 100 prisoners are suspected of being transferred in this way since September 2001. The case with the highest profile occurred here in Italy. On Feb. 17, 2003, an Islamic militant, Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, disappeared in Milan and appeared later in Egypt, where he said he had been tortured.

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