Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hunter Shot by Cheney Has Heart Attack - Yahoo! News

Hunter Shot by Cheney Has Heart Attack - Yahoo! News:
"CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - The 78-year-old lawyer who was shot by Vice President
Dick Cheney in a hunting accident has some birdshot lodged in his heart and he had a 'minor heart attack,' a hospital official said Tuesday."

So, being "sprayed" or "peppered" with birdshot means you end up with some in some very vital organs? Sounds like he was shot to me. What's next? "Hunter shot by Cheney kinda' dies?" Don't get me wrong; I hope the poor man survives and recovers. I just find it somewhat disingenuous of the press to use language that attempts to soften or play down the more violent or recriminating aspects of the story.

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The ZMZ said...

Probably, but Cheney has too much money to be accused of anything...

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