Friday, March 31, 2006

Not So Fast!

My Way News - 1965 Voting Rights Provisions to Expire:
In 1965, Congress found 'rampant racial discrimination' in Southern elections, he said. 'By today however, the data simply do not support a similar finding.'

But Adegbile, the NAACP defense fund lawyer, said some provisions in the law are important, especially a section that requires federal approval for election changes.

Adegbile said that in Louisiana alone, the Justice Department has blocked nearly 100 proposed election changes since 1982. The changes, he said, would have diminished or weakened minority voter participation.

The debate continues as election troubles from 2000 and 2004 remain a sore spot for many. Long lines, flawed lists of ineligible voters, faulty ballots and machines - often in predominantly black precincts - were among the problems that plagued the elections.
Sure, you don't have to be black to be disenfranchised these days. You could be liberal, or gay, or a Democrat, or....

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