Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Teens Arrested in Water Facility Break-In

My Way News - Teens Arrested in Water Facility Break-In:
BLACKSTONE, Mass. (AP) - Authorities charged two teenagers in connection with a break-in at a water facility and expected to charge a third as more than 9,000 area residents waited Wednesday to hear if their drinking water had been contaminated.

The teens are suspected of cutting the barbed wire at the facility late Monday, cutting lines to an alarm, and then damaging an electrical panel and a vent at the top of a 1.3-million-gallon water storage tank, said Blackstone Police Lt. Gregory Gilmore.

A 5-gallon container with an odor was found on top of the tank, but authorities do not yet know what, if anything, was put into the water.

Gilmore said the teens became suspects after talking about the incident at school.
Yep, just a couple of teenage boys sowing their wild oats (and whatever else they can think of throwing into the town's water supply). Who needs terrorists?

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