Friday, June 23, 2006

The Global Class War

Democrats & Liberals:: Book Review: The Global Class War:
The WTO is something like a constitution that rules over all countries that sign on. It is run by Big Business to serve the needs of Big Business. It sets limits on governments and tells them what they can do and what they cannot do. The WTO forbids governments from favoring domestic suppliers, and prohibiting the entry of unsafe or immoral products. 'It prohibits laws protecting workers or the environment or public health that interfere with the freedom of the corporation to invest, buy or sell.'

So, multinationals are building a world government run by them. Only businesspeople have a say. The rest of us do not count. And we keep helping the destruction of our democratic government by pushing laissez-faire.
This is a great article with some very thoughtful comments, so I strongly suggest the reader go there by clicking the title link(s) above. This is the real war, the one that causes all the others, the one we've been losing for decades ("we" meaning everyone on this planet that has to actually work for a living or can't find work in the first place). It's about time we payed attention to that "man behind the curtain" and elected somebody who is not a pawn of the multinationals if that's even possible. If it's not, we have already lost the war.

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