Friday, June 23, 2006

The Working Society

Democrats & Liberals:: The Working Society:
Do we really want to maintain a dog-eat-dog society, a society where everybody is on his own, where nobody gives a damn about his neighbors, where only owners of wealth partake in the political process, and where poor workers are treated like second-class citizens?

NO! Let's work towards achieving a 'Working Society,' where work is rewarded. If you work you should earn enough to rise above the poverty level. We should not allow greedy businesspeople to exploit those without bargaining ability by paying them less than a decent minimum wage. Let's eliminate poverty in 30 years. I'm sure this can be done.

Edwards is running for president. Whether he is the Democratic nominee or not, Democrats should advertise to the world that they are for the 'Working Society.'
Posted by Paul Siegel at June 22, 2006 05:15 PM
I heard Edwards speaking about this on NPR, and before I knew who the speaker was I was thinking, "Man, this guy should be running for president!" I like John Edwards, even if he has some problems with the past (he voted to go into Iraq, but now admits it was a mistake; he's a former personal-injury lawyer, but a damn good one; etc.). He's the only one I hear that doesn't seem to be speaking from a script. He sounds like he's actually thought or is thinking about the issues he's addressing, and I like his "of the people, by the people and for the people" attitude towards government. I certainly like him better than anybody else who has run lately. He's not perfect, but nobody is. At least with Edwards I don't feel like I'm backing the least of all evils, but rather the best of all possibles. Now if he could just lose some of that southern drawl....

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