Thursday, April 13, 2006

McCain Courting Iowa Conservatives

My Way News - McCain Courting Iowa Conservatives:
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Republican Sen. John McCain is courting conservative activists, crucial to any White House hopes, in an early test of his political strength.

He has his work cut out for him in Iowa.

'I don't want to say it's an insurmountable hurdle, but it's a big, big hill to climb,' said Steve Scheffler, who heads the Iowa Christian Alliance, formerly the Christian Coalition. 'There's no support for McCain in this constituency, and I don't see how you can make a scenario where you can bypass us.'

The Arizona senator, who skipped Iowa's leadoff caucuses in his unsuccessful bid for the GOP nomination in 2000, planned a hectic itinerary through the state Thursday, raising money for local politicians and wooing conservatives in private meetings.

Cast as the Republican front-runner in a nascent presidential campaign, McCain has reached out to the conservatives he alienated in 2000, even seeking to make amends with evangelist Jerry Falwell, whom he once labeled intolerant.

'I don't think you can win with just this constituency, but no Republican can win without the support of that constituency,' Scheffler said.
No Rep can win without the wingnut vote? Do tell! And the wingnuts don't like McCain? Wonder who they do like, that's not going to be in jail by 2008?

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