Thursday, April 13, 2006

Post Not Backing Down On Story

UPDATE: White House Seeks Apology, 'Post' Stands By Story:
A few hours later, in an update for Thursday's Post, Warrick observed, 'Whether White House officials were alerted to the technical team's finding is unclear... In any case, senior administration and intelligence officials continued for months afterward to cite the trailers as evidence that Iraq had been producing weapons of mass destruction -- the chief claim used to justify the U.S.-led invasion.'

He also quoted leading Democrats' call that the document finally be declassified. Earlier this week, President Bush defended his instant declassifying of a document cited in 'Scooter' Libby's now-famous leak to reporters in 2003 on grounds that he felt it vital to inform the public about WMD intelligence he used as a basis to invade Iraq.
Well, well! First Hersh, now Warrick; are the reporters (the real ones who actually investigate stories) finally getting their game on again? Is there hope for this country yet?

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