Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Letter In Salt Lake Tribune Says It All

Salt Lake Tribune - Government is spying on us
Government is spying on us

Salt Lake Tribune
Let me see if I understand the current administration's thought process - not an easy task!
Invade a country to bring them a better way of life and in the process start a civil war.
Demand that other nations listen to our wisdom on how to run their countries, and then call in the National Guard to control the violence in New Orleans. FEMA is not sure what happened to billions of dollars that was set aside to help the people devastated by Katrina, but Bush will still insist global warming is a fairy tale.
We have the most corrupt, self-serving administration in our country's history, but look, we killed al-Zarqawi, so everything is great!
Americans have nothing to fear because our own government is spying on our e-mails and telephone calls. I know I sleep well at night knowing that our intelligence community has a record of the jokes and recipes I send to my friends and the calls I make to my family.
Elections are coming up and the incumbents are scrambling to make themselves look good. You can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear.
I pray that people will vote for the candidates that will put America back on solid ground.

Janet Jones
North Salt Lake
Thank you, Janet. I pray for the same. BTW, what's your recipe for chile?

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