Friday, November 11, 2005

Going Down, Down, Down

My Way News:
Almost six in 10 - 57 percent - said they do not think the Bush administration has high ethical standards and the same portion says President Bush is not honest, an AP-Ipsos poll found. Just over four in 10 say the administration has high ethical standards and that Bush is honest. Whites, Southerners and evangelicals were most likely to believe Bush is honest.
What a surprise! Hey! I'm in one of those groups, and I think he's a lying sack of fecal material! I also know people in each of those groups that agree with me. Still, I get it. I bet white supremacists think he's a god.
Bush, who promised in the 2000 campaign to uphold 'honor and integrity' in the White House, last week ordered White House workers, from presidential advisers to low-ranking aides, to attend ethics classes.
Yeah, that ought to do it. Wanker!

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