Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Good News > News > Politics -- Elections raise GOP worries about Bush, values, exurbs:
WASHINGTON – This week's elections underscore three trends – all of them worrisome to Republicans.

President Bush's political ills seem contagious. Democrats can win values voters. Republicans have no monopoly on the nation's fast-growing suburbs.


Republicans were especially alarmed at the defeat of gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore in Virginia after Bush personally endorsed him Monday. Polls showed the race tight before the president's visit. Democratic Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine won by about 6 percentage points.
The article went on to say it was not all Bush's fault:
Privately, the president's advisers criticized Kilgore for focusing on Kaine's policies – calling them liberal – rather than the Democrat's character. They said Kilgore should have called his rival a flip-flopping opportunist, as they did in Bush's races against John Kerry and Al Gore.
They just forgot to run a dirty, lowdown, personalizing campaign. Shame on them!

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