Friday, October 21, 2005

Fire In Rove's Pants

Possible cover-up a focus in CIA leak case: lawyers - Yahoo! News:
"While Fitzgerald could still charge administration officials with knowingly revealing Plame's identity, several lawyers in the case said he was more likely to seek charges for easier-to-prove crimes such as making false statements, obstruction of justice and disclosing classified information. He may also bring a broad conspiracy charge, the lawyers said.

Legal sources said Rove may be in legal jeopardy for initially not telling the grand jury he talked to Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper about Plame. Rove only recalled the conversation after the discovery of an e-mail message he sent to Stephen Hadley, then the deputy national security adviser."

Rove reminds me of those administrators that you had to have confirmation replies set for in every email so he couldn't pretend not to have read the note at the next meeting. "Oh, yeah! Now I remember..."

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