Thursday, October 20, 2005

Guess He Didn't Get The Memo

FEMA Official Says Boss Ignored Warnings - Yahoo! News:
"Marty Bahamonde, regional director of FEMA, told a Senate panel investigating the government's response to the disaster that after the storm hit on Aug. 29, he gave regular updates to then-FEMA Director Michael Brown of the worsening situation at the Superdome, where many of the evacuees were sheltered.


'I told him that the Superdome conditions were deplorable, and that we desperately needed food and water,' Bahamonde said in testimony to the Senate
Homeland Security panel. 'I believed at the time and still do today, that I was confirming the worse-case scenario that everyone had always talked about regarding New Orleans.'

His testimony contradicts Brown, who has said he didn't learn of the conditions until days later and that local officials were most responsible for the sluggish response."

Somebody telling the truth in Washington? He must have dumped the kool aid in the planter. Get this guy a flack jacket and a medal!

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