Saturday, October 22, 2005

Times: Miller May Have Misled Editors

Times: Miller May Have Misled Editors - Yahoo! News:
"'Judy seems to have misled' Times Washington bureau chief Bill Taubman about the extent of her involvement, Keller wrote.

Taubman asked Miller in the fall of 2003 whether she was among the reporters who had gotten leaks about the identity of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame.

'Ms. Miller denied it,' the newspaper reported in a weekend story.


Keller said he might have been more willing to compromise with Fitzgerald over Miller's testimony "if I had known the details of Judy's entanglement with Libby."

In response, Miller told the Times that Keller's memo was "seriously inaccurate," the newspaper said in a story for Saturday editions. It reported that in a memo to Keller, Miller wrote she "never meant to mislead Phil (Taubman), nor did I mislead him."

As for Keller's remark about "my `entanglement' with Mr. Libby, I had no personal, social, or other relationship with him except as a source," Miller wrote.

Miller's attorney, Bob Bennett, told The Washington Post that it was "absolutely false" to suggest she withheld information about a June 2003 meeting with Libby, saying the conversation hadn't seemed like "a big deal at the time.""

Didn't seem like a big deal?! Gee, Judy, I guess you were wrong about that, too.

Judy is toast. Keller was her last legitimate supporter, and he's obviously trying to drop her like a hot potato now. She better get her act together and come totally clean with the feds or face a much longer stay in the pokey than she's already had. The pose as media martyr is crumbling like a ten year old twinky.

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