Friday, October 28, 2005

Fitzgerald seen as incorruptible - Yahoo! News

Fitzgerald seen as incorruptible - Yahoo! News:
"Plucked from New York in 2001 to run the Chicago office of the Justice Department, the Brooklyn-born son of Irish immigrants, has a reputation as an incorruptible prosecutor in the mold of Chicago crime-fighter Eliot Ness, who took on Al Capone's criminal empire.

Fitzgerald has won convictions of the 1993 bombers of New York's World Trade Center and members of the Gambino crime family, and he secured an indictment of al Qaeda leader
Osama bin Laden, whom Fitzgerald has said he would like to try some day."

This is an excellent, though short, article on Fitzgerald which includes some scathing retorts to the "criminalization of politics" talking points.

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