Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Rise Of George W. Bush Explained

Bush Watch:
"Start with three Bush aides from Texas, called 'The Iron Triangle,' who firmly believe that winning is more important than telling the truth and politics is about marketing your corporate policies to a gullible public: Karl Rove, Karen Hughes, and Joe Allbaugh. Add a father who was the last President to control the Republican Party and its corporate backers. Take control, through meetings under the radar and coded promises, of the Christo-Right, a large slice of the nation that firmly belives that its vision of a U.S. theocracy is more important than the beliefs of our founding fathers.

Beat down your more moderate Republican opponents with racist slurs and lies by your footsoldiers. Make use of the corporate mainstream media for purposes of propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation. Control the voting results in key states through intimidition and abuse of voting procedures. Make use of the political codependence of the opposing party and its willingness to help the less fortunate. Wait for natural and man-made disasters in order to employ your previously-constructed fascist policies, which include calling those who disagree traitors to the country.

Reward those who back you with tax cuts and government contracts, punish those who disagree with you by cutting government aid, dismantleing/weakening beneficial programs, and creating massive deficits. Use the deficit as an excuse to screw those without power. Take power from the states and shift unfunded financial responsibilities to them. Reward both citizens and members of the media who support your aims and cut off access to those who don't, including public meetings. Everything described above should be employed with respect to foreign countries, but more forceful methods of changing behavior could be threatened or employed. Lie, lie, lie. --Jerry Politex, October 26, 2005"

That about sums it up. Why are we here? What can we do about it?

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