Friday, October 28, 2005

Serious Stuff

The Washington Monthly:
"...Fitzgerald didn't charge Scooter Libby with mistakenly making a few unimportant false statements to the grand jury. He charged him with deliberately constructing a false story about how he learned about Valerie Plame, and then repeatedly telling this story to both FBI agents and the grand jury. That story was a lie, and it was a premeditated lie designed to cover up the fact that he had engaged in a long and persistent effort to uncover information about Joe Wilson's wife and disseminate it to reporters.

Libby could have told the truth, but then he would have had to admit his role in outing a CIA agent in order to score political points against a critic of the administration. He didn't want that campaign to become public, so he invented a cover story, repeated it under oath, and stuck to it on multiple occasions.

It's serious stuff, and that's what this is all about."

And that's what I hope the prosecutor and others pursue. I want them to find out and explain why the WHIG exposed Plame's identity, what it was supposed to accomplish for them, and why they tried to cover the whole thing up afterward. This article is the best explanation I've read so far, and I want justice brought to bear. It's about time the real reasons were discussed (as they are finally starting to be), and it's about time those who profited by the invasion of Iraq were made to explain themselves and charged as necessary. That will truly honor the dead and wounded. That will finally vindicate those who made the actual sacrifices.

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