Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Debate rages on use of cervical cancer vaccine / While almost 100% effective, some contend use condones teen sex

Debate rages on use of cervical cancer vaccine / While almost 100% effective, some contend use condones teen sex:
"'Some people have raised the issue of whether this vaccine may be sending an overall message to teen-agers that, 'We expect you to be sexually active,' ' said Reginald Finger, a doctor trained in public health who served as a medical analyst for Focus on the Family before being appointed to the ACIP in 2003.

'There are people who sense that it could cause people to feel like sexual behaviors are safer if they are vaccinated and may lead to more sexual behavior because they feel safe,' said Finger, emphasizing he does not endorse that position and is withholding judgment until the issue comes before the vaccine policy panel for a formal recommendation."

This is why separation of church and state is so important. This is just another chapter in the story that includes blocking of the "Plan B" pill being made available to rape victims (How does it hurt them? It's not like they wanted to have sex in the first place.), making delivery of foreign aid contingent on lowering availability of choice in parental planning, and teaching scientific method in schools. When conservatives say they want smaller government, remember that they mean limiting government involvement when it comes to big business getting away with just about anything while at the same time assuring that government gets over-involved with personal privacy issues and limiting freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, etc.

When in history has promoting abstinence ever succeeded in limiting the amount of sexual activity in the human race? When has it served to eliminate transmission of SDT's or unwanted pregnancies?

Overpopulation leads to resource depletion leads to poverty leads to war. That is the reality taught by history, and no vaccine or moral presumption is going to change that.

Alan Kaye, executive director of the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, likened the vaccine to wearing a seat belt.

"Just because you wear a seat belt doesn't mean you're seeking out an accident," Kaye said.

Apparently it does if your a rightwingnut. Maybe we should start looking at their driving records.

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