Saturday, November 05, 2005

For The Rich To Get Richer, The Poor Must Get Screwed

Senate Passes Plan to Cut $35 Billion From Deficit:
"The focus now shifts to the House, where the Budget Committee voted 21 to 16 yesterday to approve a more extensive bill saving nearly $54 billion through 2010 with cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, student loans, agriculture subsidies and child support enforcement. The House measure would allow states to impose premiums and co-payments on poor Medicaid recipients for the first time.

With so many controversial provisions, the House measure is forcing Republican leaders to scramble for support in what could be the most difficult vote of the year. Some Republican moderates are balking at cuts to anti-poverty programs, especially in light of a $70 billion tax cut that could come to a vote soon after the budget bill, more than wiping out the first bill's deficit reduction."
The really disgusting part is how they use tragedies like Katrina as an excuse to cut anti-povery programs. Yeah, that makes sense.

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