Friday, November 04, 2005

DeLay Asked Lobbyist to Raise Money Through Charity - New York Times

DeLay Asked Lobbyist to Raise Money Through Charity - New York Times:
"The electronic messages from 2002, which refer to 'Tom' and 'Tom's requests,' appear to be the clearest evidence to date of an effort by Mr. DeLay, a Texas Republican, to pressure Mr. Abramoff and his lobbying partners to raise money for him. The e-mail messages do not specify why Mr. DeLay wanted the money, how it was to be used or why he would want money raised through the auspices of a private charity.

'Did you get the message from the guys that Tom wants us to raise some bucks from Capital Athletic Foundation?' Mr. Abramoff asked a colleague in a message on June 6, 2002, referring to the charity. 'I have six clients in for $25K. I recommend we hit everyone who cares about Tom's requests. I have another few to hit still.'

The e-mail was addressed to Tony Rudy, who had been Mr. DeLay's chief of staff in the House before joining Mr. Abramoff's lobbying firm. Mr. Abramoff said it would be good 'if we can do $200K' for Mr. DeLay.


The e-mail traffic was released this week by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, which has conducted a yearlong investigation into whether Mr. Abramoff and a business partner, Michael Scanlon, Mr. DeLay's former House press secretary, defrauded Indian tribe clients and their gambling operations out of tens of millions of dollars. There was no immediate comment on the e-mail from spokesmen for Mr. Abramoff or Mr. DeLay, who has stepped down as House majority leader because of an unrelated criminal indictment in his home state.

The Justice Department signaled last month that it was investigating the propriety of Mr. DeLay's ties to Mr. Abramoff, including trips that the lobbyist organized for Mr. DeLay and his wife. Mr. Abramoff is under indictment in a separate federal fraud investigation in Florida."

Looks like DeLay will be spending quite a lot of time in courtrooms, both in Texas and Washington, D.C. Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow. No, wait, it could.

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