Thursday, November 03, 2005

Well, Oh Yeah!?

My Way News:
"AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Two days after U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay won a fight to get a new judge in his case, prosecutors on Thursday succeeded in ousting the Republican jurist responsible for selecting the new judge.

Administrative Judge B.B. Schraub recused himself after District Attorney Ronnie Earle filed a motion asking for his removal from the case.

Schraub said he will ask the chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court name a judge to preside over DeLay's conspiracy and money laundering trial.

State district Judge Bob Perkins, a Democrat, was removed from DeLay's case Tuesday after DeLay's legal team cast doubt on Perkins' ability to judge the case fairly because of more than $5,000 in contributions he's made to Democrats."

Tit for tat, I suppose. At least this helps make the decision of who does finally preside be determined by a full court and not just one judge. Schraub couldn't argue since he'd just ruled similarly for the other side. Wonder if all this will have an effect on some of the other trials concerning high-ranking officials?

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