Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hooray For OH

News from The Associated Press:
"COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Still angry a year later, John Kerry supporters across the country are donating money to an effort to overhaul elections in the state they blame for costing them the White House.

A New Mexico retiree who became incensed after reading last fall about pre-election directives by Ohio's secretary of state gave $100. A substance-abuse counselor in Maine who suspects Ohio-made electronic voting machines were tampered with to give President Bush the victory contributed $25.

'There were so many questions and allegations about voter fraud, vote machine tampering, that it really frightened me,' said Elizabeth Schrader, 50, of Old Hickory, Tenn. 'Serious voter reform is necessary in all 50 states.'"

I just wish there had been more done at the time. I'll never forget how it felt when they conceded. It never seemed right.

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