Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Real Power Behind The Throne?

My Way News:
"WASHINGTON (AP) - It looks like the third time was the charm for the Federalist Society. Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito has long been an active participant in the conservative legal society, an influential group that sometimes goes to great lengths to play down its influence. Alito has been a member for at least 15 years and has spoken before both the national organization and its student chapters on a number of occasions.

That's a welcome change for the group after the last two Supreme Court nominations:

_John Roberts, the new chief justice, is well-liked by Federalist Society members but belatedly denied he'd ever been a member of the organization after he was nominated to the high court, even though he once was listed in its leadership directory.

_Harriet Miers, who withdrew her nomination to the court, once testified that she 'wouldn't belong to the Federalist Society' or other 'politically charged' groups that 'seem to color your view one way or another.'"

Is that a right-wind conspiracy in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? I think Harriet Miers was right, and we should fight this nom to the end. I don't trust these secret society types any further than I can spit.

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